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Digital Database Collection
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Searching The Huntington Archive

Enter a descriptive term or a group of terms in the search box and click the 'search' button. The search will retrieve items that match the group of terms (or phrase) entered as a whole, and the individual terms entered independently. If your search returns too many images, you may want to add keywords to the search, choose different keywords or search through the categories within the "Browse" section above. If your search returns too few images, you may want to remove keywords from your current search, choose different keywords or search through the categories within the "Browse" section above.

Not all images in the collection have been digitized for public access. Please inquire if there are images you are seeking that are not online. The browse count numbers displayed throughout this site reflect the number of images available to the public, not the total number of images in the collection.

This application uses cookies to store information about your searches so as to make the search experience easier for you. If you are experiencing trouble accessing sections of the database, be sure that your browser is set to allow cookies.

Search History

  • Every search/browse that you conduct, which returns a result set larger than zero, is logged in the systems history for that session only.
  • You can access this history by clicking the 'Previous Searches Today' link at the top right.
  • Your search history is logged per session only; your search history will be erased upon logging out.

Selected Images

  • Use the 'Save Selected Images' feature to save individual images from different searches/browses and group them together. This selection can be accessed by clicking the 'Selected Images' link at the top right of any page.
  • The 'Selected Images' link is only available after the 'Save Selected Images' feature has been used.
  • The 'Save Selected Images' button is located above and to the right of the search/browse results set on each results page.
  • Mac users: simply drag the image from your browser window to your computer's desktop or desired folder.